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At Urban Peak we are proud to carry some of the biggest and most innovative brands in outdoor sports, fitness, and adventure gear. With a diverse portfolio of established brands from across the globe, Urban Peak is the official partner of the below brands:



The Deuter company was founded by Hans Deuter in 1898 in Augsburg-Oberhausen, Germany. At the turn of the century, the company supplied the Bavarian Royal Mail with mailbags and post sacks. It is one of the oldest backpack manufacturers in the world.

Today, Deuter is one of the leading backpack brands worldwide. One of Deuter’s secrets to success is its close cooperation with professional athletes. They are always trying to improve and innovate when it comes to the comfort and function of their backpacks and bags. The Deuter collection includes backpacks for every situation in life as well as sleeping bags, dry packs, and outdoor accessories.



Launched in 1994, Icebreaker was the first company in the world to develop a merino wool layering system for the outdoors. It was also the first outdoor-apparel company in the world to source merino directly from growers, a system it began in 1997.

Today, the Icebreaker base layer is one of the best and most renowned base layers in the world. The brand is known for its innovative use of merino wool and provides clothing for outdoor and performance sports. The Icebreaker clothing can be worn solo or layered to create a lightweight and breathable system that moves effortlessly between the mountains and the city, or wherever your travels and adventures lead you. 

Icebreaker's wool comes from the Merino which is bred in the Southern Alps of New Zealand and is one of the world's toughest and most ancient breeds of sheep.

With its growing brand popularity all over the world, Icebreaker now develops garments of all kinds including socks, underwear, active sports apparel, outdoor leisure, and clothing accessories. Icebreaker collections include garments for hiking, snow sports, running, fitness, travel, active lifestyles, and yoga.

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Nalgene has become a universal name for the BPA-Free plastic drinking bottle whilst the brand ethics has captivated millions. It is the market leader in the USA and in multiple markets across the globe.

Nalgene produces practical, affordable, and environmentally friendly reusable bottles to help people live their lives a little bit greener.

Nalgene produces reusable containers of all kinds, sizes, and colours to suit everyone’s needs. Whether it’s a virtually indestructible drinking bottle for a backcountry adventure, or a clean, green way of storing your dry pasta, Nalgene products get the job done, and are all made in the USA.

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The award-winning LifeStraw personal water filter can travel with you anywhere. Weighing under 60 grams and measuring only 22 cm long, LifeStraw is ideal for hiking, backpacking, camping, travel, and emergency preparedness. The straw-style filter design lets you turn up to 1,000 liters of contaminated water into safe drinking water, filtering out protozoa and bacteria.

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Wind x-treme

Wind X-Treme produces multifunctional tubular headwear and accessories. The garments are made in Spain using innovative materials, and premium recycled and natural fabrics. The headwear products are popular in over 40 countries.

Wind X-Treme develops a large collection of seamless neck tubes and accessories inspired by the outdoor world. They are made with innovative, natural and high-quality materials. They are comfortable, functional and provide protection from the elements in all environments, from windy and cold mountaintops, to exposed and sunny dry deserts.


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Born in a home kitchen by professional athletes, Lauren Fleshman, Jesse Thomas, and Steph Bruce set out to create something that didn’t exist - a real food energy bar that was nutritionally balanced to support their active lifestyle. Lauren’s degree in Health and Athletic Performance (from Stanford, no less) gave the brains to the recipe building, and Jesse’s blossoming triathlon career gave a solid testing ground. Steph, who has Celiac Disease, drove home the need for a product safe for those with food sensitivities.

Unlike other real food products, Picky Bars hold a nutritional backbone strong enough to support hard workouts and aid in recovery after, yet still taste good enough for everyday snacking. By avoiding unnatural (and unpronounceable!) ingredients they stand out from sport-specific products that are often weighed down with excessive protein and chemicals. On top of all that they are completely gluten, dairy, soy, and GMO free. 

Combining fast-acting carbs with long-lasting fats, and a touch of protein for recovery after, we cracked the code to keeping the engine running and happy.

With dates acting as the main ingredient throughout the lineup, every flavor holds an energy-packed source of easy-to-convert carbs, a consistent chewy texture, and a touch of sweetness with minimal added sugars. A variety of nut and seed butters, dried fruits, and brown rice protein combine in perfect harmony to round out the 200 calorie profile..

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The Polar Bottle® Insulated Reusable Sport Water Bottle is manufactured and distributed by Product Architects, Inc. a Boulder, CO-based company founded by Judy Amabile and Robert Heiberger. Product Architects has been manufacturing the Polar Bottle for 16 years with a commitment to local suppliers and providing excellent customer service. All Polar Bottles are made in the USA.



Stay hydrated on the trail, in the field, on your bike, or just on the go, with the Cenote Hydration System Water Storage Bladder, designed to fit most bladder backpacks, hydration bag sleeves, running backpacks and hydropacks. 

BPA-Free and Phthalate-Free - Made of food grade materials, this BPA-Free and Phthalate-Free hydration pack has no taste other than what you’re drinking. Fill it with water, sports drinks, or or your favourite beverage.

Constructed to be totally leak free, from water bladder, to cap connector, to sturdy and durable hose, to drinking valve. Fill it, cap it and go, and know it will hold up no matter how you use it.

High-Flow Bite Valve - Allowing for maximum flow, with no spills, leaks or extra work, people love the Cenote Hydration System Water Storage Bladder’s High-Flow Bite Valve. Just turn the bite valve to be perpendicular to the hose, bite on the clear silicone and suck. Boasts a 360 degree bite zone!

Cleaning Is Optional – The durable Polar Bottle Cenote Hydration System can be washed and reused as many times as you like. Thanks to the system’s unique disposable reservoir, it can also be recycled responsibly and is affordable to replace. When the reservoir is dirty, or has gotten enough use, simply recycle and replace it with a new one.

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Founded in 1818 in Courmayeur, Italy, Grivel is the oldest manufacturer of equipment for alpinism and mountaineering in existence. Grivel produces equipment for all levels of alpinism, climbing, and outdoor activities. All the personal safety products, ice axes, crampons, carabiners, pitons, and helmets are handmade in Italy using solar energy.

Grivel, with its 200 years of experience, offers alpinists an all-Italian manufactured product with hot forging technology used by blacksmiths over centuries. They produced the world's first modern crampons in 1909, and till this day, their products and yellow flagship logo is a symbol of professional alpinism and exploration all over the world.



Nextorch’s sole focus has been to produce superior portable lighting products for consumers and military personnel alike. Utilising the most advanced lighting technology, Nextorch incorporates the brightest light sources available while reaching maximum efficiency for power supply.

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Monster CHALK

Monster Chalk is a gym chalk for all athletes. Monster Chalk is produced using pure magnesium hydroxide carbonate. The magnesium carbonate used in the chalk is produced with top quality materials and specific properties.

Monster Chalk is an eco-friendly product, produced with a no-waste, closed-cycle technology.  

Monster Chalk is the ideal chalk for Weightlifting, CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Rock-Climbing, Bouldering, Calisthenics and Gymnastics. The chalk allows you to lift heavier, perform better,  strengthen your competitive advantage, and take control of your workouts and trainings.

Never Lose Grip ™  with Monster Chalk's new grip technology.

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Komperdell is a global manufacturer of hiking and trekking poles. Founded in 1922 in Vienna, Austria, Komperdell has since grown into a leading player of trekking poles. Komperdell produces poles for a multitude of outdoor activities including hiking, trekking, Nordic walking and skiing.

All Komperdell poles are developed with leading technology and lightweight materials using carbon and aluminium. Komperdell manufactures 100% of their poles in Austria, in order to secure top quality and consistency across their entire product range.

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Hailing from Austria, COCOON TravelSheets, MummyLiners and accessories are the result of life-long travel experience. The COCOON story started in 1989 with a bulky, sewn-together cotton sheet that almost caused the founder of the Design Salt Outdoor GmbH to be swept away in a Balinese river when he was trying to wash it. Since then COCOON TravelSheets, MummyLiners and travel accessories have seen a lot of improvement and perfection. They now come in a large number of especially developed, high quality fabrics. A wide variety of functional details make them ideal companions for adventurers, travelers and mountaineers worldwide.

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Bidet Breeze

Bidet Breeze offers you personal hygiene care and cleanliness wherever you go. Whether camping, hiking, or traveling, this portable bidet is the perfect solution for both men and women of all ages.

Bidet Breeze is light in weight and comes with a handy travel bag for easy storage and added hygiene in your backpack or travel bag. The long nozzle is also retractable for compact storage. This easy to use soft-squeeze bottle is practical, durable and earth-friendly with reduced consumption of toilet paper and wet wipes. Bidet Breeze is the most gentle and pleasant form of personal cleaning. It works with a simple squeeze of the bottle to ensure you get the right amount of water pressure every time. 

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SwimFin is an innovative and super fun swimming aid that will get your kids
confident in the water in no time. SwimFin is the world’s only vertical swimming
aid worn on the back that allows the arms and body total freedom of movement in
the water. It helps develop and promote a more natural swimming position. SwimFin work for all ages and all abilities, but is ideally used for children from 18 months to 12 years or 11 kg to 60 kg.

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Training MASK

The Training Mask is an innovative training device that makes your workouts more efficient by allowing you to cut the amount of time spent in training by as much as two-thirds. Strap it on and increase your performance in running, mixed martial arts, triathlons, and other endurance sports and workouts. The Training Mask simulates elevation which makes it ideal for training and preparation for trekking at high altitudes and for your next endurance race.

Using the Training Mask at the gym or training outdoors will strengthen your diaphragm and make your lungs work harder by creating pulmonary resistance. When lungs work harder, the surface area and elasticity in the alveoli is increased, thus increasing your stamina and ability to go harder at any sport or workout. You will notice an increase of energy in your daily living.